Want to become a Certified Clinical Herbalist?

Learn how to work with herbs, foods and other techniques to heal yourself, your family and clients.

100% online, group and class-paced program

This program has the option for students to travel to Sewanee, Tennessee, United States for in-person clinical training is done over a long weekend.

Program includes support, text book, books, workbooks, herbal books and kit.

Travel not included in price.

Become a certified clinical herbalist using the western herbal healing traditions, techniques and methods. This is group and self-paced online program that exceeds American Herbal Guild Educational Hours required to start the registered herbalist process.

Students will need to purchase some equipment, reference books and materials beyond the program kit.


This program covers a broad spectrum of topics from how to use herbs in the kitchen and making herbal preparations to herbs for common body system imbalances and the herbal holistic approach!

EBooks, Books + Workbooks

We have compiled an inspiring assortment of herbal recipes in books ready for you to download and print for your continued use – over and over again! The program will include Ebooks, PDFs, charts, workbooks and so much more. We will send you a textbook and several reference books for your use during the program and beyond as you start your herbalist career.

Program Kit

This program include many of the herbs, tools, and other materials that are required for the class. You don’t need to figure out which herbs and supplies to buy, or even where to buy them. We did all the work for you. The included written instructions walk you through using the materials in the Kit, step-by-step. The goal of the kit is to allow you to focus on the program more than chasing down all the things you need for the class.

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